About Diane



Years ago when I was learning to paint with the palette knife, 

I had a lovely and vivid dream of seeing and responding to 

a most satisfying and "delicious" passage of layered paint 

that I had created with the palette knife. 

The paint was so intriguing and beautiful in that dream that I have always remembered it. 

My  earliest adventures in painting were in watercolor; then by  experimenting with acrylic and mixed media; and when I discovered  painting in oils with the palette knife over 20 years ago, I had found  my primary medium and tool for my growing style of expression.

The   natural world we live in with its beauty and many  wonderful shapes,   colors, and textures delight me.  Nature's inspiration, combined  with  my sense of place in each landscape scene, urge me to create  paintings  that are both impressionistic and expressionistic.

Painting  with the palette knife gives me a delightfully satisfying tactile feel  of the paint itself, and the palette itself becomes my playground!  

When  painting oil/cold wax/mixed media paintings, I use the palette knife,  and brushes, along with a variety of tools to create depth and texture  resulting in abstract paintings.

I also love to paint commissioned portraits of horses and dogs.

All my paintings are signed on the front with a calligraphic signature mark shown here, 

with my full signature on the back of the painting.